Unlock the Power of Flipboard Storyboards to Boost Your Audience

Kieran Delaney

Flipboard is a news app that some 300 million people have installed on their phones, and it's sticky. How sticky? 100 million of those people are 'active' users, meaning they use the app at least once a month.

One of the reasons people use Flipboard so regularly is that the app doesn't simply deliver an endless stream of news. Storyboards are one of the devices Flipboard uses to allow readers to dig more deeply into topics that interest them. Here's how they work, and how publishers can use them to build loyal audiences inside and outside of the app.

What are Storyboards?

Storyboards are custom collections of content that tend to revolve around a single, focused subject or a single news story and a series of related reads. Storyboards can contain news articles, features, videos, even podcasts and they have a unique look and feel, picked out with a black background.

Publishers use Storyboards for deep dives into a subject, timely roundups of stories related to a news event, lists, recipes and 'how to' guides. Here's an example from HowStuffWorks – How Much Actual Money Is There in the World? – Plus More Money Facts.

HowStuffWorks have centred the Storyboard around a single story and then built out a series of related articles around it. A reader can click a story, read it, head back and scroll down to read more.

Which topics work well as Storyboards?

It depends. Storyboards that deep dive or round up stories around a recent event could get picked up by Flipboard and surfaced to readers in areas of the app like 10 For Today.

If you run a niche publication, you may wish to stick to that niche and think of ways to repackage content you have already created.

If you publish stories on a wide range of subjects then it's always worth referring to the topics most popular with Flipboard readers – these include Science, Travel, Design, Food and Dining, Photography, Music, Movies and Technology.

A full list of popular topics can be found in our free eBook – Publisher Guide: How to Maximise Traffic on Flipboard. Wish to download it? Head to the form at the bottom of this page.

Can Storyboards work towards data capture?

They certainly can. We recommend adding a link to your newsletter sign up page as the last item of your Storyboard. By doing this you create an easy way for readers to engage with your publication long after they have finished spending time with your Storyboard.

A call to action that relates in some way to the Storyboard is likely to convert more highly, so try editing wording to tie this into the subject.

Who can create a Storyboard?

Storyboards are open to publishers approved by Flipboard. This is an additional step after approval as a publisher and activation of 'Curator Pro' - the analytics and curation suite Flipboard offers creators.

How do I get approved for Storyboards?

Reach out to your rep at Flipboard or get in touch with the team at Press Publish – we will reach out on your behalf.

Photo by dix sept on Unsplash

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